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Your Engineering Inspiration for Saturday 08 August 2020

As always, another year coming to a close has brought with it a raft of interesting articles covering advances in science and engineering. Here are our picks across all specialisms:

The Science Stories That Shaped 2019
The Year in Math and Computer Science
Six Positive Climate Change News Stories from 2019
The Best Medical Technologies of 2019
The Top 10 Physics Breakthroughs of the Decade

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Last weeks's top headlines:

Requirements for purity of the materials used in semiconductor manufacturing are being pushed to unprecedented — and increasingly unprovable — levels as demand for reliability in chips over increasingly longer lifetimes continues to rise. And while this may seem like...
Deep down, our drive to explore Mars has always been about figuring out the story of life in our solar system. Are we alone? Were we always? Or is life on Earth descended from Martian progenitors? NASA is now on...
Amid a 5G rollout that has faced its fair share of challenges, it might seem somewhat premature to start looking ahead at 6G, the next generation of mobile communications. But 6G development is happening now, and it’s being pursued in...
At a typical annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL), the program is a parade of titles like “A Structured Variational Autoencoder for Contextual Morphological Inflection.” The same technical flavor permeates the papers, the research talks, and many...
In the world of academics, peer review is considered the only credible validation of scholarly work. Although the process has its detractors, evaluation of academic research by a cohort of contemporaries has endured for over 350 years, with “relatively minor...
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